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Our Wines - Cranberry (n/v)

Cranberry (non-vintage)
This wine has bright characteristics, a sweet flavor and a slightly tart finish. It can be used as a mixer for a refreshing summer cocktail. Cranberry with a blend of Cabernet Franc. These fruit wines are the result of my hobby gone wild and the long-lost dream of Chateau Le Cabin finally coming true. In the early 1980's the great Horton experiment began in my log cabin in Aroda, Virginia. The cabin's cellar was full of home winemaking gear and very small barrels full of the first tastes of Horton wine. That little cabin was the start of this endeavor, and these fruit wines celebrate that home winemaking spirit. Residual Sugar: 6% Pairing: Holiday meals, roast beef sandwich with horseradish mayo or cranberry and pear tart.
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