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Blanco Xoco - White Wine with Chocolate Essence  -  $16.00 (500ml bottle)


Sweet chocolaty white wine made with Rkatsiteli, Vidal Blanc & Chocolate essence.  Chocolate covered cherries gone wild!

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Rojo Xoco - Red Wine with Chocolate Essence  -  $16.00 (500ml bottle)

Sweet Dessert Wine

It's like licking a Raspberry Tootsie Roll Pop!  Just released in July 2009, this wine has rocketed to the top as a favorite in the tasting room.  Look for it soon in a store near you!  88% Touriga Nacional, 8% Syrah, 4% Norton with a very small percentage of dark chocolate essence.

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Eden - Apple Dessert Wine  -  $12.00 (375ml half bottle)


What says Virginia more than apples, apples, apples.  375ML - 24 bottles per case (our premium dessert wine)

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LHR - Late Harvest Rkatsiteli - $16.00 (375ml bottle)

Sweet Dessert Wine

Rich flavor, with a lot of caramel and honey bouquet and apricot notes.  A premium dessert wine.

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Pear Dessert Wine  -  $16.00 (500ml bottle)


Fortified pear wine, this wine is rich and smooth.  A great sipping wine!

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2015 Vintage Port - $25.00 (750ml bottle)

Sweet After Dinner Wine

Horton was the first to make a commercially available port in Virginia since prohibition with its 1995 Vintage Port.  This 2015 Vintage Port is a blend of  76% Touriga Nacional, 24% Tinta Cao.  Big, full bodied, sweet, with refined texture and aromas of blackberry and cherry perfumes.


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